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About Drupal

Drupal is a flexible CMS based on the LAMP stack, with a modular design allowing features to be added and removed by installing and uninstalling modules, and allowing the entire look and feel of the website to be changed by installing and uninstalling themes. The base Drupal download, known as Drupal Core, contains the PHP scripts needed to run the basic CMS functionality, several optional modules and themes, and many JavaScript, CSS, and image assets.


  • Framework gives general placement and formatting to basic Drupal elements
  • Supports one, two, and three-column layouts with source ordering
  • Set to a 12 column grid of 960px
  • CSS file is highly organized, including a table of contents, section flags, alphabetical properties, etc.
  • Includes a CSS reset and a list of CSS utility classes
  • Em based text sizing with vertical rhythm
  • Clean and simplified code and file structure
  • Uses HTML 5 structural markup

  • Tools

  • Plugins -- tools to make it easy for modules to let other modules implement plugins from .inc files.
  • Exportables -- tools to make it easier for modules to have objects that live in database or live in code, such as 'default views'.
  • AJAX responder -- tools to make it easier for the server to handle AJAX requests and tell the client what to do with them.
  • Form tools -- tools to make it easier for forms to deal with AJAX.
  • Object caching -- tool to make it easier to edit an object across multiple page requests and cache the editing work.
  • Contexts -- the notion of wrapping objects in a unified wrapper and providing an API to create and accept these contexts as input.
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